Building PaaSoo Brand / 啪嗖品牌设计

Aug - Nov 2019
Branding, UX/UI, Web Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

PaaSoo is a startup that specializes in providing international cloud communication services (aka SMS). A consistent and clear visual identity system that conveys brand tone is very important to PaaSoo with the continuous development of the company.

By analyzing the target audience, combined with PaaSoo's business goals and its own advantages, we summarized PaaSoo's three brand keywords (which is Reliable, Simple and Vibrant) and the next visual and copywriting style, etc, will be built around these three words.
PaaSoo 是一家专注于提供国际云通讯服务(aka 发短信)的创业公司,在公司不断壮大之际,一套统一、清晰并且能准确传达企业品牌调性的视觉识别系统显得尤为重要。

通过分析目标用户,同时结合 PaaSoo 的商业目标以及自身优势,我们总结了 PaaSoo 的三个品牌关键词(可靠,简单和活力),视觉形象和文案风格都将围绕这三个词展开。

I used fun and somewhat weird (here is why) illustration to express the brand and make us stand out from our competitors.

Users can complete operations like SMS sending, account recharge, sending and billing status inquiry in the PaaSoo dashboard. Due to the tight development time, I had to redesign the dashboard without changing the overall interaction logic and large layout to make it more user-friendly while being more "modern" and more in line with PaaSoo's brand tone.
用户可在 PaaSoo 中后台进行短信发送、帐户充值以及发送与计费情况查询等操作。由于开发时间较短,我必须在不改动整体交互逻辑和大布局的情况下重设计该中后台,使其更方便用户使用的同时在视觉呈现上更「现代」更符合 PaaSoo 的品牌调性。